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Pilot Training Reno Instrument Rating Certification

Reno Instrument Rating Certification

Let Your SKY HIGH Flight School Take Off with Instrument Flight Rules Certification

Pilots require an Instrument Rating Certificate if they wish to fly in imperfect weather conditions. This includes reduced visibility due to clouds, fog, heavy rain, snow or sleet. On top of weather conditions, if a pilot wishes to fly in Class A airspace (48 states including Nevada) between 18,000 feet and 60,000 feet, the flight must fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). Instrument Flight Rules is also a requirement when flying at night under SVFR (Special Visual Flight Rules) in Reno, Nevada. Without an Instrument Rating Certificate, pilots lack the freedom to fly when they wish, and where they wish.

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Pilots, become an IFR Pilot today and register for our Instrument Rating Package! Pilot Training Reno's Instrument Rating Package will teach you to fly using nothing but the instruments and flying gauges within the cockpit, allowing you to fly in any weather condition. Pilots will receive instruction in meteorology and weather, basic altitude adjustment, navigation and instrument scanning - all while relying solely on the instruments within the cockpit. We will provide you with an FAA certified Instrument Flight Rules instructor who will help you achieve your goals and fly when you want, where you want. In order to register for this package, pilots must have:

  • A private pilot's license
  • 50 hours of Pilot in Command cross country experience

This certification is key for pilots who desire the freedom to fly in Class A airspace and under any weather condition. This freedom can be yours with Pilot Training Reno's Instrument Rating Certificate. We are one of the only flight schools in Reno, Nevada who offer the Instrument Rating Certificate - come learn with us and start flying under Instrument Flight Rules now. Call 775-502-0816 today to experience the freedom of becoming an IFR pilot!

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