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Sport Pilot License

Soar to New Heights with Your Sport Pilot License

Are you adventurous at heart? Do you long for an exhilarating experience and superior views from the air? Getting your sport pilot license in Reno, Nevada is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and realize your goals of flying an aircraft. What are you waiting for? Learn about the benefits of obtaining your sport pilot's license today!

Facts about Sport Pilot's License Training

Unlike becoming licensed as a private pilot, earning your sport pilot's license takes less time, shaving approximately 20 hours off your training in Pilot Training Reno. An effective way to learn to fly quickly, participating in sport pilot license training will teach you the basics of flight navigation, takeoffs and landings, and troubleshooting faulty equipment. Heard enough and ready to get started? Call us today to learn more!

Why Learn to Fly?

Learning to fly opens up new opportunities to enter into a career, make contacts, and experience the majesty of flying an aircraft. As a licensed sport pilot, you’re able to:

  • Fly with one passenger. Considering a romantic flight with your spouse or taking your friend for a tour of the sky? Once you’ve earned your sport pilot license, you’re able to fly with one passenger.
  • Fly light sport aircrafts. Get qualified to fly a variety of light sport aircrafts in Reno, Nevada, ensuring you’re never bored with available options.
  • Fly as high as 10,000 feet. Whether flying over land or sea, you’re able to soar at heights of 10,000 feet or less in a light sport aircraft.

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Book Your Sport Pilot’s License Package Today

Getting your sport pilot license means you’re eligible to fly any light sport aircraft, from hot air balloons to small planes. Trust the experienced crew at Pilot Training Reno in Reno, Nevada to teach you what you need to know to ride alongside the clouds. Call us today to book your sport pilot’s license package with a friendly member of our team!

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